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One thought on “Flooring, Carpet, Wood, Tile, Stone, all types. Ask your questions.

  1. Solar is good for peaking power, aeiblt rather expensive. But considering the price of natural gas in North America nowadays…Granted, nuclear energy could relieve all the base load power natural gas is now used for.But you need peaking power and there are only a few alternatives. Natural gas is good because it is so easy to turn on and off. But it emitts CO2 and as far as I am concerned it should be banned by law.Hydroelectricty also work, but the number of sites are limited.Pumped hydro works but is expensive. Also large parts of the world (including parts of the the US) are rather arid and you can’t have lots of water just lying around for pumping.The third is solar. It should work excellent, as peak load is often at the same time as the sun shines most intensly.You can’t run nuclear power for peaking power as you need to maximize reactor capacity factors to make good profits.

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