Jimi Holt


Jimi Holt, CEO
Jimi Holt, CEO

James ‘Jimi’ Holt  –  Biography

Born in the late 1960’s, Jimi grew up in a small coal mining town in Southern Illinois, the Village of Glen Carbon (which mean ‘valley of coal’).  As a kid he used to play, ride bikes and sled with his brother and friends on the large mountains of coal just outside of town.  This set the course for his future at an early age as Jimi has worked his lifetime spreading awareness for renewable energy options, and promoting sustainable development and building techniques to eliminate human reliance on the burning of fossil fuels, like coal and oil, for energy.  

Army and College

Jimi attended Bradley University on a U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship.  While at Bradley University he was promoted to the highest position in the ROTC program, Cadet Battalion Commander, responsible for leading the entire ROTC programs for his and three nearby Universities.  This gave him the experience to work directly with the senior ranking active duty Army Commanders and Staff to learn from them as well as the ability to select his own Cadet Command Staff to aid him in leading the Cadet Battalion for his

Army Engineers building schools, medical facilities, roads, bridges, etc. around the World.
Army Engineers building schools, medical facilities, roads, bridges, etc. around the World.

term.  Also while attending University Jimi was; an active member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity,  graduated U.S. Army Airborne School in Fort Benning, Georgia, completed U.S. Army Basic Training in Fort Riley, Kansas, and work for a construction firm in his free time.  He graduated Bradley as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army with a degrees in Civil Engineering / Construction Management and Business Management.


After graduation Jimi served as an active duty Officer in the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.  Most of his active duty military service was spent leading Humanitarian Service Missions building schools, medical buildings, roads, bridges, etc. in countries like Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Micronesia, and Marshall Islands.  Jimi and his teams worked with local materials and labor, many times in locations without electricity, to construct the facilities.  In 1995 Jimi moved on from active duty military service with an honorable

Jimi Holt, CEO at BAM
Jimi Holt, CEO at BAM

discharge as a U.S. Army Captain with numerous medals, experience, and accomplishments to pursue a civilian lifestyle and career.



Jimi’s first several years as a civilian consisted of moving up the business management ladder until eventually acting as Vice President for one of the largest construction companies in the Southwest U.S..  In 2003 Jimi’s entrepreneur bug had finally sunk in so he decided to start his first business by founding a construction general contracting and construction management company in Phoenix, Arizona.  Today that same company delivers renewable energy products and systems like Smart Energy Management, Battery Energy Storage, Solar, Water Conservation, etc. to thousands of homes and commercial buildings throughout the U.S..  Jimi has now founded and invested in numerous businesses like this in the Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy, and Organic Food Industries.    

Jimi at Glaciers off South America, Chile
Jimi at Glaciers off South America, Chile


Jimi lives with his partner, Tricia, their three dogs and a tortoise and they spend their time mainly between Arizona and California.  When he’s not working he enjoys being with family and friends and doing almost any outdoor sporty activity like hike, bike, golf, surf, ski, yoga, and travel.

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BAM Superior Solutions

BAM Superior Solutions is a​ Veteran-Owned, clean energy and green construction firm.  BAM provides full-service, cost intelligent, renewable energy and sustainable development solutions. BAM partners closely with both Commercial and Residential clients providing strong financial insight along with energy and construction technology expertise to optimize their clients investments while creating a positive impact on the environment.  BAM takes the lead integrating all details including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, Funding, Monitoring and Profit.  BAM does not offer one product, solution or technology; instead BAM takes a universal approach analyzing all information and data to advise the best available energy and construction solutions (i.e. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), other solar technologies, battery storage, wind energy, water & energy conservation, green building practices, and more).


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