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Does Social Media Marketing (SMM) really work? A simple test and a few tips to get your information posted online and drive customers to your websites.

Social Media Website icons
Social Media Website icons

By now you are aware of the buzz surrounding Social Media Marketing (SMM) and realize there is a great opportunity to market yourself and your business online.  There are numerous options for you to get your information on major search engines by paying for online advertising and hiring SMM “experts” to assist with marketing your company, products and services.  However, with a little effort on your part, you can get listed at the top of major search engine websites for free.

First let’s see how you stack up.  Try searching your name, your company name, and your product or service on several of the major search engines (i.e. google, yahoo, msn, etc.).  If you are not listed several times on the first page of each of these websites then you have come to the right place.

I need to tell you that I am not a social media marketing guru.  I am a small business owner, probably like yourself, that has learned and implemented some simple techniques to accomplish search engine result success.   Feel free to try by also searching for my name (Jimi Holt) and my company name (Erus Builders) on the same search engine websites.  Several months ago you would not have found any information on me or my company by conducting the same searches.  I am self taught and have learned from some of the best online marketing experts.  You can have fast results if you put forth the time and effort to make it happen.  Remember that your online presence is critical to the future success of your business so the time required should be looked at as an investment in your future income stream.  Also take note of the links (websites) that were listed under the search results when you did the search for my name and my company.  These are the same websites that you need to visit to set up your personal and company profiles (for free) to achieve similar results (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube, Squidoo, Google, MSN, Yahoo, Plaxo, EzineArticles, MySpace, StumbleUpon).  This will also drive traffic from these popular websites to your personal website, blog or business websites so make sure you have them listed as links on the websites I have listed above.

Good luck with your online marketing efforts and remember to have fun with it.  Feel free to contact me with questions but you will find that the websites are easy to set up and are very user friendly.  Visit our websites to the right to get ideas on how to set up your pages.  So, get your information out there, make sure it is good content, update it often, and let me know how it works for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article post.

Jimi Holt

Erus Builders

Construction Project Schedule. Tutorial of understanding building project schedules.

The video below walks thru the importance of a construction schedule and what you need to know about project schedules for any type of building project.  Home remodels, renovations, additions, home improvement projects, commercial construction projects, tenant improvements, etc., all should have a construction schedule prior to starting the project.  Watch this video to understand the importance of a project schedule.

Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bank Owned Property buying tips and advice.

This is the first post we have ever created so please forgive us if we start off a little rough.  We will get better, I promise.  We have created this blog to provide free information to people on anything building and construction related.  We are here to offer information, places for you to find information, or answers to all of your building and construction questions.  So, if you cannot find what you are looking for, then contact us and we will do our best to provide you with assistance. 

Thank you for viewing our blog and good luck with your projects.

Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bank Owner property buying advice.