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BAM Superior Solutions is a​ Veteran-Owned, clean energy and green construction firm. BAM provides full-service, cost intelligent, renewable energy and sustainable development solutions. BAM partners closely with both Commercial and Residential clients providing strong financial insight along with energy and construction technology expertise to optimize their clients investments while creating a positive impact on the environment. BAM takes the lead integrating all details including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, Funding, Monitoring and Profit. BAM does not offer one product, solution or technology; instead BAM takes a universal approach analyzing all information and data to advise the best available energy and construction solutions (i.e. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), other solar technologies, battery storage, wind energy, water & energy conservation, green building practices, and more).

BAM Superior Solutions now offers Battery Energy Storage Systems, paired with or without Solar Systems

  • Battery Backup When Needed
  • Grid Independence
  • Reduce Your Electric Bill
  • Avoid Power Outages
  • All In One System vs Others
  • Pairs Perfect With Solar

Contact BAM for additional information on green construction, solar photovoltaic power, battery energy storage systems, and more.

BAM Superior Solutions website | 602.456.1441



How Solar Energy Works

How Solar Paired with Battery Systems Work


Contact BAM for additional information and to purchase Solar and Sonnen battery systems.

BAM Superior Solutions website | 602.456.1441

Sustainable Development & Renewable Energy Solutions

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