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Going Green or Solar? Please join the sustainable living movement.

Erus Builders and Going Green Solar

Erus Builders and Going Green Solar

The mission is to educate the public on what we can all easily do right now to limit our negative impact on the environment.  Please help us by joining the movement and doing your part in Going GreenErus Builders has partnered with a major Solar and Green Product organization that brings the opportunity of going green with the use of solar and other renewable energy products to every homeowner in the nation.

We recently launched an opportunity to home owners get a Solar Water Heater installed in your home that could start making you money within months.  We make it effortless by providing you with all the information needed to receive the rebates and tax incentives.  Just fill out your personal information, sign, send it in, and collect your checks.  In addition, we will continue to educate the public and provide you with the latest information on green living and what we all should do to play our part in living off the grid.  Please sign up to the right to receive our free informative newsletter.

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One thought on “Going Green or Solar? Please join the sustainable living movement.

  1. I have always tohguht the very cleanest of clean environments would result from the combination of nuclear for filling the constant portion of the demand curve, and solar/wind for filling the peaks, if we can solve the storage problem, since we all know the wind may not always be blowing or the sun not always shining when we need the energy produced from those sources.The view on conserving petroleum and natural gas for other energy demands or other finished materials is right on. NG is a readily transportable fuel well-matched to end uses like space heating and cooking. There are just so many other uses for petrochemicals in a modern industrial society that it seems almost a crime to be burning them up.

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